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Servicing the most important sectors that shape the global economy is something we not only pride oursleves in, but also excell at. We offer superior staffing and recruiting services to the following sectors:

Information Technology

Internet Software & Services, IT Services, Storage & Peripherals, Electronic Equipment.


Banks, Capital Markets, Consumer Finance, Diversified Financial Services, Insurance.

Health Care

Biotechnology, Health Care Equipment, Providers & Services, Health Care Technology, Pharmaceuticals.

Telecommunication Services

Diversified Telecommunication Services, Wireless Telecommunication Services.

Consumer Staples

Beverages, Food & Staples Retailing, Household Products, Personal Products.


Aerospace & Defense, Air Freight & Logistics, Airlines, Electrical Equipment, Construction & Engineering.


Energy Equipment & Services, Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels.

Consumer Discretionary

Internet & Catalog Retail, Media, Automobiles, Hotels, Household Durables, Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods.


Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, Independent Power and Renewable Electricity Producers, Multi-Utilities, Water Utilities.

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